Three Kitchen Design Trends to Watch

Posted by Spring EQ on Mar 31, 2022 2:55:47 PM

Goodbye white cabinets! Hello, color! Ultra-sleek white modern kitchens are being replaced with a variety of rich and bold colors, high-tech appliances and unfinished metals. If you’ve been considering a kitchen upgrade, there are many new moods, vibes and styles to choose from.


The past few years have impacted the way we view and use our space, particularly our kitchens—the heart of the home. Like many homeowners, you may have decided it’s time for a change—one to better reflect your family’s personal style and needs. Whether you’re thinking of a full renovation or a few simple DIY projects, here are some of the latest kitchen design trends you can expect to see this year.


  1. 1. Find New Colors to Keep Your Kitchen Fresh

There’s a new palette of colors showing up in kitchens. You'll see deep reds, muted mint greens and even bold blues. In some cases, homeowners are choosing unfinished cabinets altogether to create a more rustic aesthetic. Everywhere you look, contemporary kitchens are evolving into more warm and cozy designs.


  1. 2. Upgrade Your Textures & Finishes for a Feel of What's Next

White cabinets and silver hardware are also getting an upgrade with brushed metals, metallic finishes and textured wood and stone finishes. Sophisticated cabinetry, artisan lighting, found materials and mixed metals are changing the kitchen space to better reflect personal style and preferences.


  1. 3. Smarten Up Your Kitchen Space & Step Into Tomorrow

Homeowners aren’t just replacing old ovens; they’re upgrading in a big way. Induction ovens, touch-screen refrigerators and “hidden” appliances are just a few of the ways you can take your kitchen to the next level.


Another trend to watch? Smart appliances. From air fryers to ovens, connected appliances and the Internet of Things are making more and more appearances in new and remodeled kitchens all over America.


And whether you just love to cook or host large gatherings, an induction oven is not only easier to clean and quicker to cook, but it’s actually much better for the environment. Want to create a more cohesive space? Look for “hidden” built-in appliances that seamlessly blend into your décor.


Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated upgrade or a space more true to your aesthetic, there are countless options for building a more sustainable and efficient kitchen. And when you have a clear picture of your dream kitchen in mind and mapped out, we can help you explore ways to access your home’s equity and cover the costs.





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