woman with calculator looking at her credit score as she applies for a home equity loan

    Over 4 million people since 2019 have Boosted their scores

    Experian Boost™ gives consumers the chance to build credit with bills that don’t typically get reported to credit reports, including utility bills, phone bills, cable and streaming services.


    In fact, since launching in 2019, Experian Boost has helped more than four million people enhance their FICO® scores by 50 million+ points.


    On average, people increased their score by 19 points. How much do you think yours could increase?


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    couple at a laptop looking at how their FICO score will help them get a better rate on a HELOC

    How can boosting your FICO help you access cash via your home equity?

    Increasing your FICO score could help you in a few ways. Obviously, a higher FICO score could mean the difference between being approved for a loan or not.


    But it can also mean saving money over the life of a loan—because a higher FICO score may qualify you for a lower interest rate.


    And for Home Equity or HELOC loans, a higher FICO could mean being able to access more cash from your available equity.


    How Much Equity Can You Access?