smart homes: 2 names to know

Posted by Spring EQ on Apr 25, 2022 2:18:52 PM

Saving time and saving money on energy costs are just a few of the benefits smarter homes can deliver. Want your home to go from Zero to Tony Stark but don’t know where to start when it comes to smart homes? Relax...



Here are two names you already know who can help serve as great starting points if you’re looking to upgrade your home with automated appliances and voice commands around the house.


Say Her Name: Alexa

  2. From day one, the name Amazon has been synonymous with groundbreaking technology. The same holds true with Amazon Alexa and the smart home wave. Today, you can experience complete home automation through your phone or by voice thanks to Alexa.
  4. From lighting and security cameras to smart TVs, thermostats and more, Alexa can connect your home’s systems, learn your personal routines over time and partner with you to make managing and customizing your smart home as easy as saying her name.


  1. In Search Of: Google Nest

In addition to developing their world-leading search engine and delivering tech tools millions of people rely on every day, Google is also a place many look to when getting started with Smart Home.


Google Nest offers numerous smart products to create a more automated, more affordable home. From entertainment to security, the wide array of connected Google Nest products can put hands-free home control within reach.


  1. No time machine required, just name (and voice) recognition                                  

Just like any technology, automation around the home can take a little getting used to. But once homeowners take the time to get comfortable with new ways to set their thermostat, sprinklers, appliances, lighting and more, they come to love the convenience, control and savings smart home upgrades can deliver.


Sometimes when you're exploring a new technology, it helps for that tech to come from a platform and company you're already familiar with. It's entirely up to you to decide.


Want to learn more? We’ll be going deeper on many smart home subjects in the future: everything from sprinklers and thermostats to full home automation, the kitchen of the future and more. So be on the lookout.


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