Do You Deserve A She Shed?

Posted by Spring EQ on Jul 1, 2022 2:48:51 PM

She sheds have become a widely popular trend. Whether you want one for hobbies, friends or just relaxation, She Sheds provide a personal space you can make your very own.


While some have been fashioned from existing garage spaces, old shipment containers, or actual storage sheds, it's no question that having a personal space can increase productivity, reduce stress, and help you carve out an area for anything from painting to reading to just watching TV.


Most importantly, She Sheds can allow working mothers and busy women a private space to focus on whatever task they have at hand.

Since She Sheds are personal spaces, you can really make it as unique as you. Truth is, there's a She Shed for any and every type of person. Here are 3 She Shed idea starters to help you imagine, design, plan and build out yours...

1. Music Studio: Many musically inclined creatives have turned She Shed into music production or practice studios, where they can focus on mastering their craft without distractions. Adding soundproof insulation and electricity may stretch your budget, but the long-term benefits of having a dedicated space will outweigh the expenses of creating it.

2. Art studio: Sure you could settle for a desk with some pens, paint and paper—or even an easel in the corner of your home office. But why settle? Creating a She Shed designed to be your own private art studio will inspire you to put your brush to canvas, hands to clay or pen to paper and create your next masterpiece. Calming aesthetics like plants and warm lighting can also set the atmosphere you want while you create.

3. Personal Library: This one is for the book enthusiasts out there who want to free up space in their home and create a quiet place to indulge in their love for literature. Good lighting, a walls lined with bookshelves, a comfy couch or chair—maybe even enough seating to host a book club—you can create a She Shed that's exactly the one you want.


She Sheds are the perfect way to getaway and focus on yourself. There is no limit to what they can be used for. Whatever your interests, whatever your vibe, whatever your style—you do you and let your She Shed speak for itself!


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