Home Exterior Projects for 2023

Posted by Spring EQ on Dec 8, 2022 9:58:59 AM

You’ve done some work to your home in the past couple of years—maybe updated the kitchen, added an extension or perhaps finished the basement. Is next year going to be the time you tackle the exterior? Here are a few trends homeowners are discovering—and loving!




A fresh paint job can transform the look of your house and give it a newer, modern style, while also protecting it from the elements.


Is it time to paint?

Sun, wind, and rain can all cause paint to fade, crack and peel over time. If your home’s exterior is beginning to show signs of wear and tear it may be time to pick up the paintbrush—or call a house painter. 

In addition to giving your home a facelift, a fresh paint job can also enhance your curb appeal if you’re preparing to sell in the near future. 



Homeowner Tip: Depending on climate, home exterior paint can last 10-15 years



Depending on the quality of paint, workmanship, and type of surface (wood, stucco, or aluminum) exteriors should be painted every 10-15 years. When was the last time your home got a fresh coat of color? 

Color trends for next year


Perhaps you’re just looking to do a refresh of your current color. Or maybe you’re interested in an entirely new look. 

Choosing an exterior paint color for your home can be a challenge, particularly since you want it to last a long time. According to Better Homes & Gardens, there’s been a recent shift in popular house paint colors with vibrant blues and greens, creamy neutrals and pretty pastels replacing the traditional white.


Want a truly unique look? Go shou sugi ban

You may not be familiar with the term, but if you want to look beyond paint consider the Japanese tradition of shou sugi ban. 

The latest trend in home exterior, shou sugi ban is an ancient Japanese architectural technique used to preserve wood by charring the surface with a hot flame, cooling it, cleaning by brushing and washing, then finishing the wood with oil.


The result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind and lasting look. 

Do-it-yourself or call in the experts?

If you’re planning to tackle the exterior yourself, don’t forget to follow the many steps involved in preparing the surface.


Before you start to add a few coats of fresh paint, you’ll need to do a lot of prepping – wash, scrape, scrape again, sand, sand again, patch and fill, prime, and caulk. This Old House offers a good primer for your next home exterior painting project.

If you're planning some improvements to your home in 2023, now may be a great time to start considering your options for covering the costs.


Drop us a line and we can help you explore your options to access cash from your home—for home improvements or anything else!


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