Mortgage Refinance


Refinance to a better financial future.

Looking to lower your 1st mortgage rate or monthly payment? Need access to cash to pay off debt or remodel your home? Whatever your goals are, Spring EQ's streamlined refinance process and dedicated Loan Expert support put them within reach.

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You've got goals. We've got the plan. Let's move your life forward.


Easy to see if you qualify

With just a few details, you'll know your eligibility and see your options upfront so you can complete your loan with confidence.

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Simple online application

You want a streamlined process quickly so we built a simple online application that puts you in the driver's seat.
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Low rates and option to cash-out

You've got options to refinance your mortgage and get cash-out, all at a potentially lower rate than you pay now.

Dedicated expert

Sometimes you just want talk to a real person. That's why we pair you with a dedicated Loan Officer  who is an expert to  help guide you through the entire loan process.

What we've learned helping homeowners like you

Your goals come first

We know your goal is to lower your rate, lower your payment, or get cash. Our focus is to find options to help you achieve your goals. Many of our customers achieve more than one.

You want a trusted guide

We'll assign you an expert dedicated Loan Officer to guide you through the process. They're always available for questions via a call, text, or emails.

Speed and service matter

Our process is streamlined to get to a decision and close your loan as fast as possible. If approved, most loans fund in 30 days or less. While we use technology to go fast, your dedicated Loan Officer is always available to talk to.


Reset your goals.

A mortgage payment is often a homeowner's largest monthly expense.  Refinancing may give you opportunities to lower your monthly payment or pay less for your mortgage.  See if you can lock in a lower rate to spend less every month on your mortgage, get cash out to consolidate high interest debt or make home improvements, or consider extending your term to help lower your monthly payment.

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